United States government and politics

  • Find out how to contact your elected officials in Washington (and elsewhere...).
  • Here's a copy of The Constitution of the United States and related materials.
  • Thomas is the place to go to get information on current events in Congress: bill status, voting records, judical and executive branch appointments and confirmation hearings, etc. Thomas is run by the Library of Congress and contains near-real-time status on all things legislative. I use it regularly and highly recommend it.
  • Oyez - Supreme Court audio recordings. These can be deadly dull or riveting.
  • NYTimes "Political Navigator" page. This has more links than you can shake a stick at.
  • Who gave how much to whom? You can find out at FundRace 2004! This is really cool: you can search by name or address - check out your neighbors!
  • The Center for Responsive Policies is similar but more serious. They track campaign contributions by organization, issue, etc. It's a great site.
  • The official U.S. Department of Defense information web site, known as DefenseLink.