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Pinewoods Morris Men

This is NOT the official Pinewoods Morris Men web site. This is just my collection of Pinewoods stuff.


Mother's Day Tour, 2004

See also my extended description of the tour.

Providence Tour, September 17,2005

Providence Tour, September 2006

Papa Stour MP3s

Brian recorded Andrea playing these on Wednesday, November 13, 2003.

Middlesex Morris

This has nothing to do with Pinewoods. It's picture of Middlesex Morris, a mixed team that I danced on years ago with Dan.

Middlesex Morris, 1993
Middlesex Morris
The picture was taken at the 1993 Mixed Morris Ale. In tree: Brian Wilson, Paul Balliet; standing: Lyn Mullen, Danny Spurr, Sue Jick, Charlie Spurr; kneeling: Forrest Larson; seated: Annette Sassi, Dan Groher, Jerry Callen, Jeff Bigler, Bill Bumpus. Not pictured: Anne Cross, Tina Dornbusch, Kerstin Haug, A.J. Liuba, Rowena Nelson, Sean Smith, Marty Wagner, and other team members who have asked that their names not appear on the WWW.

I shamelessly swiped this photo and the accompanying label from Jeff Bigler's more detailed Middlesex Morris page.