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July 2016

Jewell Island

  • The relevant NOAA nautical chart
  • Jewell Island Military Reservation
  • From Coast Pilot:
    • (638) Jewell Island and Cliff Island, northward of Inner Green Island, are partly wooded. Numerous homes and several private landings are on the northwest shore of Cliff Island; the state pier and public float landing are on the west shore of the island about 0.7 mile from the south end. There is 22 feet at the head of the pier. Gasoline is available at a pier and float landing with 6 feet alongside on the east shore of the island. Provisions can be obtained at a store near the pier. The old steamer wharf on the west shore of Jewell Island is reported to be in disrepair.
    • (639) Johns Ledge, covered 3 feet in places, extends 0.4 mile southwestward from the southern end of Cliff Island. Its end, covered 16 feet, is marked by a bell buoy. There is no safe passage for vessels between the bell buoy and the island. A buoy marks the broken ground and shoals southeastward of the island.
    • (640) A cove on the northwest side of Jewell Island has excellent anchorage with good protection in 10 feet, mud bottom. A prominent stone tower is on the south end of Jewell Island, and the ruins of two old wharves and a house are on the west side. There are no facilities.
    • (641) Broken Cove, about 1 mile northeastward of Jewell Island, is formed by a group of bare rocks and small islets connected by ledges extending 0.6 mile northeastward from West Brown Cow, a 36-foot-high grass-covered islet. The daybeacon on Stockman Island in range with or open eastward of the northeast point of Ministerial Island leads eastward of the ledges, which are marked on the northeast side by a gong buoy.